Who doesn't love eggs? Healthy, inexpensive, delicious, quick and easy to prepare. But aside from the breakfast usuals (fried, hard boiled, scrambled), we seldom have savoury egg dishes. The recipes in this book will open your eyes to the many delicious ways that eggs can be prepared and served, from the basic (and unimprovable) custard (the first recipe in the book), to exotic specialties like Skidneag from Scandinavia and Kookoo Sabzi from Persia. A wonderful compilation of egg recipes that will satisfy the most discriminating cook. It is indexed by ingredients, so you can quickly find a recipe that uses what you have readily available.

Here's One-sixth of the special index, Eggs With . . . .

Anchovy Paste
Eggs Norwegian, page 42

Anchovy sauce
Eggs à la Bennett, page 70

Omelet à la Washington, page 104

Eggs à la Rorer, page 59

Omelet, Asparagus Tips, page 95
Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus Tips, page 92

Spanish Omelet, page 100

Beans, refried
Huevos Rancheros, page 38

Eggs Prescourt, page 42
Eggs Béarnaise, page 58

Beef, chipped
Scrambled Eggs with Chipped Beef, page 87

Eggs in Marinade, page 79

Black beans
Huevos Rancheros, page 38

Eggs deLessups, page 11

Egg Nog, page 110
Omelet with Cognac, page 105

Brandy, Sherry, or Madiera
Egg Flip, page 92

Calf brains
Eggs deLessups, page 11

Eggs à la Russe, page 83

Caviar, Horseradish
Eggs Malikoff, page 45

Eggs à la Gretna, page 50

Omelet with Cheese, page 99
Potato Cheese Fritatta, page 35

Cheese, cream
Smoked Salmon Fritatta page 37

Cheese, Feta
Scrambled Eggs, Feta, page 23

Cheese, Gruyère
Eggs Mornay, page 54

Cheese, Monterey Jack
Huevos Rancheros, page 38

Cheese, Mozzerella
Christmas Fritatta, page 36

Cheese, Parmesan
Eggs à L’aurore, page 68
Eggs à la Bourbon, page 57
Eggs à la Dauphin, page 69

Cherries, Maraschino
Sweet Swiss Souffle, page 106

Eggs with Chestnut, page 51

Eggs Courtland, page 43
Eggs Prescourt, page 42

Chicken livers, Mushrooms
Eggs Rossini, page 19